/The roadmap for reducing carbon emissions by 2050
The roadmap for reducing carbon emissions by 2050 2021-10-07T12:49:36+02:00


For many years the cement sector has been providing innovative solutions for reducing its negative impact and developing new products for the construction industry that mitigate the effects of climate change

The roadmap set out by the Spanish cement industry presents a sectoral approach according to which, by applying measures that are essentially conventional, cement’s CO2 footprint could be reduced by 35% when compared to the levels in the 1990s. When drawing it up, the potential of certain reduction axes has been taken into account that could reduce this percentage still further. We are referring to the application of new and emerging technologies such as Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), which with the backing of specific policies and certain prior technological requirements, would allow for a potential reduction of the carbon footprint by 80% in 2050.

Our roadmap is a participatory document, open to any initiative.

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